Friday, April 8

come come come to me


Well, first of all today is the 9th of April which means it's Yamapi's birthday OHYEAH! HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Oh how time flies. When I fist know him, I was like 11? And this year I'll be 17. I feel so old can dai T.T

Oh fyi, my mood is in stable condition (Y) LOL. Weird thing happened the other night. Bumped into an old friend at big bookshop and she was like "Ohhhh Iman! you're like freaking glowing!" I was like "wtf where gottt" Then she touched my belly and ask if I were pregnant HAHAHAHAHAH EPIC. That's like the second time in my life someone asked me the oddest question to be asked. I am just genuinely happy that's all. It does not happen often so please, I'm trying to make the best out of this situation HAHAHAHA.

I'm even happier knowing next week is Jom sedia SPM shit. Totallyyyyy in my right mind not ready for it. It's stupid really. I'm not ready to be ready for SPM. Just pray for me and let karma pay you back. Tomorrow is a school day but I told my parents that I don't need to go cause I rock like that :P hah not really. Just lazy...

BIG BANG IS BACK AGAIN! OH HOW HOT THEY ARE. I would not spazz about it here though (see tumblr EHEHHE) Though that is happening, I am sooo addicted to rainbow's new song more

They are so pretty IDEK
k that's all bye xo

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dazz said...

MOTHERCHUCKERRRRRRR !! update lerr ..:( xD