Saturday, March 12


The cutest MV so farr! :3

So I'm kinda busy right naooo. My mummy gave me an english presentation to be translated into malay. Maybe it's because I'm lifeless max that I'm already on slide 54 LOL. I just got back from an edu fair in klcc. Oh the many lengzhais *o* Some people even promoted to us in mandarin hohoho! It was tiring though. OH I bought beautiful Dead #4. It's the last installment so I'm not sure when I'm going to read it. I've read the last page of course, just in case something happens to me *CHOI*

Anyways, am going to UM tomorrow for a malay lecture with half of the crazy yamateh :D ++ Nana & Misa! I'm sure we'll have lots of fun.... HEHEHE.

The most tragic thing happened yesterday. Earthquake of 8.9 magnitude hit near the shindai region? UGH. I feel so bad for them. Like, people I know are there but they're not really. I guess, I'm just emo cause I feel for them. Especially the JE idols. Been checking in with the 'I love japanese Men' page on FB and like, they update on who's safe & stuff. But then I saw that "Imai tsubasa is missing" & "No news on kei & massu" like omomo I'm a bit worried. To add, yaotome's house got swept away.. omg man. Feel so bad. Hope everyone is safe! #prayforjapan.

Do tell me if there are any other news on my fav JE people kayyy

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