Friday, February 18

We fell aparttttt


heheheh HELLO. TGIF :D I've done nothing much this week. Just watched paranormal activity LOL LIKE FINALLY. Been asking my brother to watch with me but he's scared HEHEHEH. I watched the sequel first, with dazz, joyen & brandon on Tuesday. Scaryyyy shit. Fml I had a hard time sleeping that night :S But it's been a while since I've watched some thriller since blood+ again last week LOL. So, I was pretty pumped on wednesday :D Decided to watch the first oneee. But the girls don't want to watch again, said it's too scary- challenge accepted. Oh yeah it was scaryyy! HAHA. Watched it yesterday with the guys- song ming, jing wei, brandon, reuven & sau yan. Mother to the father I ain't getting a big house that's not full of people weiyhhh. Like srsly. But it wasn't all that bad la, since they all were gossiping while watching.. which was good cause I fell asleep as soon as I reached home lollllll. But the night came so it got scarier. Plus the fact that my house was still full of father's suprise party guests, I still didn't get to sleep until I held my aircond remote (which is also a torchlight) and fell asleep HAHAHA LAME.

Oh yeah, it was my dad's birthday yesterday! Mummy was brilliant to make a suprise party for him. Well, I think it's her idea LOL definitely not mine K LOLOLL. My father's friends (step children HEHAHAHA) brought along he most delicious ice cream cake I ever tasted! It was strawberry cheesecake ice cream grey-ish creamy-oh-fatness-fat-cake. I barely ate my dinner. Just chowed down like, 2 pieces of cake OH NOMNOM.

Larian Twelvean is tomorrow :D I am going! for the first time in 4 years :') Last year of high school k. But then, I don't have a partner to run with :( Nana ditched me to join QM so I might be joining QM also TROLOLOL.WE YAMCHA AFTER THAT, PEOPLE! *winkwinkwinkwink


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