Saturday, February 12

Until the end of timeeee

I'm awful. I've created a skype acc recently and I forgot the password and I don't want to press the forgot your password? button because it's like, the 6564861th time in 2 days so the management might think that I'm retarded so I'm just going to sit here until I remember. I swear it's the weather. The hot and cold has been driving me nuts. Don't know how many panadols I've swallowed and how many hours my aircond has been switched on.. ugh x2. But today has been pretty ok. Such a pretty day :) Supposed to go out but that didn't happen -.- So instead, people came to our house yay. And by people I mean one person. And by one person, I mean my dad's friend yayy.

Top 15 most played song on my phone of all time :)

1. GDTOP - High High
2. Teen Top - Clap
3. Infinite - Come back again
4. The pretty reckless - Make me wanna die
5. Code V - Addiction
6. B2Y - Be crazy
7. Taeyang - I'll be there
8. G.O & Nassun - O-WI-O
9. TOP - Turn it up
10. 2NE1 - It hurts
11. MBLAQ - Y
12. Avenged Sevenfold - A little piece of heaven
13. The pretty reckless - Far from never
14. Tegomass - Chu chu chu
15. The pretty reckless - Just tonight

Pretty suprised that a7x is there. I've only started listening to the song last week after my brother recommended it to me. It's my favourite song right naoooo :) The MV is mental though. So yeah, I've warned you.

Woo wooo.

Exam is near. Who's studying already for it? holaaaaaaaaaaaaa not me :D :D Been too busy catching up on tv. Like, I started watching the us skins and it's a crazy show. But somehow I watch it L O L O L Waiting for next week's episode already LOLLLLL. I dunno. It's a crazy show. Watching it just to see how much other people's life is suckier than mine :D Just like Gossip girl, 90210 and sometimes american idol ahhahahaha.



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