Friday, February 25

Let's make a new startttt

The week went by like a big rolling snowball. Something is definitely wrong with me. I feel like I'm not myself, can't control my feelings. So to everyone that has been harm by evil me, I'm REALLY sorry. EHHEHE SO TOUCHING RITE I KNOW :')

Anyways, been busy with koko stuff la. I've attended two koko in a week mann. Like world record k. Then had to cancel dentist app cause no one can fetch me :( And today we -me, joyen, dazz & jing wei - celebrated brandon's birthday :D at mcd. It was suppose to be a suprise... but when we took out the cake, brandon took out his forks. HAIH. It was so so funny! I spotted like, usj 13 junior k. Were quite cute since one of them had this hair that reminds me of jeremy sumpter oh nomnom *droools* So I took a pic lah! HAHA. The 4 guys weren't that cute on the pic though LOLOLL.

Then the kakak gave brandon a heart-shaped COUGH balloon. He acted cute like no one's bussiness! hahaha. She even offered to take a group pic of us :D without jo yen though since she already left for tuition ._. Started raining.

Went back at like 5.45 or something and the first thing I saw on music bank was... MBLAQ! OK fine.. after gahee la HEHE. They were super super hott. I was soo feeling *WAH* seeing Joon acting all like, hot on stage with his blonde hair GRR. Still do. LOL. MIR appeared for his rap and that didn't help to tone down the hotness HAIH. I totally love the song lah! ;3

Exam is next week. My bm scrap book still half empty :D Heh. I'm like so totally annoyed nao. I mean, I don't mind listening to you.. but sometimes, ask me about me can or not nabilah? I'm not your 24/7 effing caunselor k? Hope you read this.

Big Bang - Tonight *insert heart shape times infinity*

Friday, February 18

We fell aparttttt


heheheh HELLO. TGIF :D I've done nothing much this week. Just watched paranormal activity LOL LIKE FINALLY. Been asking my brother to watch with me but he's scared HEHEHEH. I watched the sequel first, with dazz, joyen & brandon on Tuesday. Scaryyyy shit. Fml I had a hard time sleeping that night :S But it's been a while since I've watched some thriller since blood+ again last week LOL. So, I was pretty pumped on wednesday :D Decided to watch the first oneee. But the girls don't want to watch again, said it's too scary- challenge accepted. Oh yeah it was scaryyy! HAHA. Watched it yesterday with the guys- song ming, jing wei, brandon, reuven & sau yan. Mother to the father I ain't getting a big house that's not full of people weiyhhh. Like srsly. But it wasn't all that bad la, since they all were gossiping while watching.. which was good cause I fell asleep as soon as I reached home lollllll. But the night came so it got scarier. Plus the fact that my house was still full of father's suprise party guests, I still didn't get to sleep until I held my aircond remote (which is also a torchlight) and fell asleep HAHAHA LAME.

Oh yeah, it was my dad's birthday yesterday! Mummy was brilliant to make a suprise party for him. Well, I think it's her idea LOL definitely not mine K LOLOLL. My father's friends (step children HEHAHAHA) brought along he most delicious ice cream cake I ever tasted! It was strawberry cheesecake ice cream grey-ish creamy-oh-fatness-fat-cake. I barely ate my dinner. Just chowed down like, 2 pieces of cake OH NOMNOM.

Larian Twelvean is tomorrow :D I am going! for the first time in 4 years :') Last year of high school k. But then, I don't have a partner to run with :( Nana ditched me to join QM so I might be joining QM also TROLOLOL.WE YAMCHA AFTER THAT, PEOPLE! *winkwinkwinkwink


Saturday, February 12

Until the end of timeeee

I'm awful. I've created a skype acc recently and I forgot the password and I don't want to press the forgot your password? button because it's like, the 6564861th time in 2 days so the management might think that I'm retarded so I'm just going to sit here until I remember. I swear it's the weather. The hot and cold has been driving me nuts. Don't know how many panadols I've swallowed and how many hours my aircond has been switched on.. ugh x2. But today has been pretty ok. Such a pretty day :) Supposed to go out but that didn't happen -.- So instead, people came to our house yay. And by people I mean one person. And by one person, I mean my dad's friend yayy.

Top 15 most played song on my phone of all time :)

1. GDTOP - High High
2. Teen Top - Clap
3. Infinite - Come back again
4. The pretty reckless - Make me wanna die
5. Code V - Addiction
6. B2Y - Be crazy
7. Taeyang - I'll be there
8. G.O & Nassun - O-WI-O
9. TOP - Turn it up
10. 2NE1 - It hurts
11. MBLAQ - Y
12. Avenged Sevenfold - A little piece of heaven
13. The pretty reckless - Far from never
14. Tegomass - Chu chu chu
15. The pretty reckless - Just tonight

Pretty suprised that a7x is there. I've only started listening to the song last week after my brother recommended it to me. It's my favourite song right naoooo :) The MV is mental though. So yeah, I've warned you.

Woo wooo.

Exam is near. Who's studying already for it? holaaaaaaaaaaaaa not me :D :D Been too busy catching up on tv. Like, I started watching the us skins and it's a crazy show. But somehow I watch it L O L O L Waiting for next week's episode already LOLLLLL. I dunno. It's a crazy show. Watching it just to see how much other people's life is suckier than mine :D Just like Gossip girl, 90210 and sometimes american idol ahhahahaha.



Friday, February 4

I do believe in fairies


I just finished watching Peter Pan for the 793047284th time :) It makes me feel good so I'm all hyped right now. Can't believe it has been years since the last time I drool over Jeremy Sumpter LOL. I remember the days when I came back from school & turned on the tv cause it was repeat days on hbo EHEHEHE. Such a cute movie. I cannot get enough GAHHHHH.
They should be togetherrrrr laaaaa :'l

Anyways, my life has been random food & random outings all this week. It's CNY *ding ding ding ding* :D I wish everyone out there a very happy Lunar New Yearrrrr! Angpau na laiiiiiiiiiii! hahaha