Friday, January 28

you know whyyyyyyyy


CNY is next weeeeeeek! OHYEAH.

I have no idea what to do. Study? :D LOL. Haven't been sleeping that well these past few days. Ikr :/ Mood swings timebomb right naooo. Like the other day I got into a small quarrel with Cha. Everyone should know that I hate her bf but she's like "Later when I have 3 kids, I'll be like posh" HAHAHA soo funnyyyy. And I was like "duuuude, marrying a high school bf is like -.-" Then start ah, grrr here grrr there. HAIH.

I know it's like, the end of January and IT'S FREAKING ME OUTTTT. Like omg. SPM year mannnn. Still not doing anything? Come join my boat. HAIH. Useless. I should start studying like shit right naoooo. Please someone should just smack the sense in me.

Oh that reminds me of today's Music bank. As I was concentrating texting, I stole a few glances toward the tv screen and omg I saw Jung min! Like mind=blown *barney style ohyeah* No, I mean. Since when? Solo & new hair & thinner & stuff. It was like breaking news to me awww. Sucks to not be meee. The guys never fail to be hotttttt though. Loving MIR's new highlights :) I want to draw less than three shape but then blogger don't lettt :( I'll be on my tumblr nao hmph


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