Monday, January 31

We'll live forever


So I just got out of my myspace. Can't believe how long it has been, I mean my password is 'sexyy11' from when Seungri debut his 'strong baby' (!)o___o And Ashton Kutcher wanted to be friends with me hahahaha. Andd like, my rp boyf deleted me from his friends list that came with a comment also ouch. Oh yes. Myspace. I gave up on that when I found facebook lololl. Gave up on rp-ing smh cannot believe what a dork I was XD

The only reason I logged in was that, I saw this cute japanese boy on facebook and kinda slowlyyy thought about my cute japanese boy on myspace LOL. Yea, he's gone now .____________. fail.

Anyways, just thought to share that here HAHA -.-" I'm on my holidays you see. Everyone went out but I was at home watching alice in wonderland, craving for snacks. Holidays are when I get fat but with a tiny bit hope of not gaining any weight hahaha. To add I have this stupid headache since yesterday. Oh it must've been Rain's fault huh. 2 days raining weiiiii. I like this weather though the excess water is not needed. Heard the rain is all over Malaysia? eheh. Rain duwan leave me lorhhhhhhh! COUGH.

So yeah. That is all.

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