Friday, January 14

Stop stealing my hearttt away


aiyo. Today is my favourite day lah. No sun. HAHA. But no rain also T.T

The 2nd week of school has been great. Like finally I understand my accs work thanks to Hazwani (y) Still no teacher for our agama class so we were suppose to join the other 5 classes but I didn't. I mean, dudeeeee. Many funny shizz happened in class. Like the hottest funny shizz LOL My hand was really really red today that it was sooo hot. HAHAHAHA. Jing wei la piakkkkkkkkkkkk! Then tried to write with left hand which turned out like chicken poop HAHAHAHA. OH Brandon. I know you're reading HEHEHEHE. I want to gossip la :( ISH. I also need to HAIH. HAIH.

As you can see, I am starting to talk crap and that means I am distracted my MBLAQ's awesomeness right nao. They are sooo hot aoihjagoihj@!. And Infinite. Anddd TEEN TOP. Oh the many boy bands' comebacks.

call me call me calll me

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