Tuesday, January 25

Shredded toy

Omg. I have absolutely NO idea how my brother can curse so much. Srsly? Srsly. He & his mouth should just go to hell and rot there.

Anyways HIII. Just got back from schooooool. Yes, I went to KOKO LOL So rajin. I actually don't want to stay in this house during the afternoon. Too hot la yerr -___- COUGH. Just got done with a stomach flu. Mummy was all worried that I'm having tummy problems like every month. But my papa is all worried of wasting money on my meds & shots & stuff -_____________-
Like srsly. I cannot even get sick naoooo. Stupid flu la, slept through the whole weekend & monday. So I skipped my latih tubi for 2 subs HEHEHE.

Happiest day today though. Was high highhhhhh. Maybe it's because of the 2 hour sleep I got last night HEEHEHE. Like srsly. I slept at 1-2.16 am. Wake up, watch The Kardashians then sleep at 4 and wake up at 5.45 :D omg I rock. Have noooo idea why I can't fall asleep. Shouldn't be any reason at allllll. OH once I wake up to go to the loo & saw myself in the mirror. I kinda freaked. I looked like a friggin zombie LOL. It was 3.30? Palest colour on my face. Eyes all big with nothingness in them. Freaked me out mann HAHAHA

So tonight I'm going to sleep at 10. Maybe earlierrrr. So yeah HO HO HO!



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