Tuesday, January 11

one one oh one two oh one one


This is my first post of the year. The first post on 11.1.11 :3

School has been EPIC. I mean, it's senior year! And I kinda really reaalllly feel like I just stepped into form 1 HAHA sad case :(
Anyways.. The official studying in class has not been executed yet as many teachers are still not in school. HAIH. Marking spm papers. But yayyy because we get to play play in class :D LOL. I don't remember that much but it has been raining since day one of school. Well, some days are just bright without the sun part. But some days it rained like RAIN don't wanna leave me for the army. KEKEKEKE.

And today, we had this 'aku janji' thing where 2011 spm & pmr candidates have to janji some stuff. And well, I did. Will start studying reallly hard soon! really. soon. HAHA. I mean, I don't wanna get ship to Perak to study. I want to stay here, the lovely USJ XD

I cannot be online that much nowadays. Using internet only during the weekends and shizz nao. So yeah U_U
Downloading BLAQ Style! HOHOHO *die*


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