Monday, January 31

We'll live forever


So I just got out of my myspace. Can't believe how long it has been, I mean my password is 'sexyy11' from when Seungri debut his 'strong baby' (!)o___o And Ashton Kutcher wanted to be friends with me hahahaha. Andd like, my rp boyf deleted me from his friends list that came with a comment also ouch. Oh yes. Myspace. I gave up on that when I found facebook lololl. Gave up on rp-ing smh cannot believe what a dork I was XD

The only reason I logged in was that, I saw this cute japanese boy on facebook and kinda slowlyyy thought about my cute japanese boy on myspace LOL. Yea, he's gone now .____________. fail.

Anyways, just thought to share that here HAHA -.-" I'm on my holidays you see. Everyone went out but I was at home watching alice in wonderland, craving for snacks. Holidays are when I get fat but with a tiny bit hope of not gaining any weight hahaha. To add I have this stupid headache since yesterday. Oh it must've been Rain's fault huh. 2 days raining weiiiii. I like this weather though the excess water is not needed. Heard the rain is all over Malaysia? eheh. Rain duwan leave me lorhhhhhhh! COUGH.

So yeah. That is all.

Friday, January 28

you know whyyyyyyyy


CNY is next weeeeeeek! OHYEAH.

I have no idea what to do. Study? :D LOL. Haven't been sleeping that well these past few days. Ikr :/ Mood swings timebomb right naooo. Like the other day I got into a small quarrel with Cha. Everyone should know that I hate her bf but she's like "Later when I have 3 kids, I'll be like posh" HAHAHA soo funnyyyy. And I was like "duuuude, marrying a high school bf is like -.-" Then start ah, grrr here grrr there. HAIH.

I know it's like, the end of January and IT'S FREAKING ME OUTTTT. Like omg. SPM year mannnn. Still not doing anything? Come join my boat. HAIH. Useless. I should start studying like shit right naoooo. Please someone should just smack the sense in me.

Oh that reminds me of today's Music bank. As I was concentrating texting, I stole a few glances toward the tv screen and omg I saw Jung min! Like mind=blown *barney style ohyeah* No, I mean. Since when? Solo & new hair & thinner & stuff. It was like breaking news to me awww. Sucks to not be meee. The guys never fail to be hotttttt though. Loving MIR's new highlights :) I want to draw less than three shape but then blogger don't lettt :( I'll be on my tumblr nao hmph


Tuesday, January 25

Shredded toy

Omg. I have absolutely NO idea how my brother can curse so much. Srsly? Srsly. He & his mouth should just go to hell and rot there.

Anyways HIII. Just got back from schooooool. Yes, I went to KOKO LOL So rajin. I actually don't want to stay in this house during the afternoon. Too hot la yerr -___- COUGH. Just got done with a stomach flu. Mummy was all worried that I'm having tummy problems like every month. But my papa is all worried of wasting money on my meds & shots & stuff -_____________-
Like srsly. I cannot even get sick naoooo. Stupid flu la, slept through the whole weekend & monday. So I skipped my latih tubi for 2 subs HEHEHE.

Happiest day today though. Was high highhhhhh. Maybe it's because of the 2 hour sleep I got last night HEEHEHE. Like srsly. I slept at 1-2.16 am. Wake up, watch The Kardashians then sleep at 4 and wake up at 5.45 :D omg I rock. Have noooo idea why I can't fall asleep. Shouldn't be any reason at allllll. OH once I wake up to go to the loo & saw myself in the mirror. I kinda freaked. I looked like a friggin zombie LOL. It was 3.30? Palest colour on my face. Eyes all big with nothingness in them. Freaked me out mann HAHAHA

So tonight I'm going to sleep at 10. Maybe earlierrrr. So yeah HO HO HO!



Friday, January 14

Stop stealing my hearttt away


aiyo. Today is my favourite day lah. No sun. HAHA. But no rain also T.T

The 2nd week of school has been great. Like finally I understand my accs work thanks to Hazwani (y) Still no teacher for our agama class so we were suppose to join the other 5 classes but I didn't. I mean, dudeeeee. Many funny shizz happened in class. Like the hottest funny shizz LOL My hand was really really red today that it was sooo hot. HAHAHAHA. Jing wei la piakkkkkkkkkkkk! Then tried to write with left hand which turned out like chicken poop HAHAHAHA. OH Brandon. I know you're reading HEHEHEHE. I want to gossip la :( ISH. I also need to HAIH. HAIH.

As you can see, I am starting to talk crap and that means I am distracted my MBLAQ's awesomeness right nao. They are sooo hot aoihjagoihj@!. And Infinite. Anddd TEEN TOP. Oh the many boy bands' comebacks.

call me call me calll me

Tuesday, January 11

one one oh one two oh one one


This is my first post of the year. The first post on 11.1.11 :3

School has been EPIC. I mean, it's senior year! And I kinda really reaalllly feel like I just stepped into form 1 HAHA sad case :(
Anyways.. The official studying in class has not been executed yet as many teachers are still not in school. HAIH. Marking spm papers. But yayyy because we get to play play in class :D LOL. I don't remember that much but it has been raining since day one of school. Well, some days are just bright without the sun part. But some days it rained like RAIN don't wanna leave me for the army. KEKEKEKE.

And today, we had this 'aku janji' thing where 2011 spm & pmr candidates have to janji some stuff. And well, I did. Will start studying reallly hard soon! really. soon. HAHA. I mean, I don't wanna get ship to Perak to study. I want to stay here, the lovely USJ XD

I cannot be online that much nowadays. Using internet only during the weekends and shizz nao. So yeah U_U
Downloading BLAQ Style! HOHOHO *die*