Sunday, December 19

That last promise

*I cannot write too much, using phone o.o*

Been such a rough week. My face is pratically peeling off doh. EW. Mother said that my skin is gonna get smoother & fairer after this shizz. Hope so cause all the meds are hurting mah faze.

Wellll, christmas shopping is done! Curve yesterday. With parents since brother was busy with sunway *jealous* So yeah. I like shopping with parents. They pay for everythingggg HOHOHO. Funniest thing happened when I went to padini. Like, I was checking out the clothes & stuff & wanted to go to the shoes section then then then! I saw this bishie. Like omfg I choked on my squeeling when he saw me watching him HAHA. So then I turned around and and... started walking out of the shop HAHAHAHAHAHA! *dies* It was really embarrassing. I pretended to look for someone outside & jet off hahahhaha

So yea, imagine 6 hours of walking. My mom complained to my brother "Walking around with Iman is fun, but expensive!" O_O hahahahahahahahhha. Bonding session whaaaaaaat XD

Ooops, going shopping agaynnnn :3


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