Friday, December 31

Baibai 2010

I've spent half of the last day of 2010 by cleaning up my room :) Since I just got my new school books I needed more space. So I'm pretty much tiredz now. While I was doing that, I remember 2010. Not my favourite year but most deff one of my favs :)

I remember the beginning of the year. Probably a different person cause that was pre-minor surgery Iman. After that, honestly.. everything changed. I have nooo idea why. I made new friends and lose some. Miss a few people. Missing Icha naooo T^T haih. OH. I met UKISS, esp bb soohyun so that was EPIC kekeke. The hideous braces colours I've chosen. The occasional sneaking out :P And of courseeee, friends that make my memories last longer :)

2010 will be remembered as one of those growing up years. EW cheesy :B LOL but it's true cause next year I'll be too busy with spm to be growing up HAHAHA.

So that's it. Bye byeee 2010 (L)

OHAIII 2011! LOL :3
Happy new year!

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