Sunday, December 12

Instead of me


waaa I miss my blog!

Lots of things have been happening lately. Like, just recently, I was admitted to hospital. A case of food poisoning, a terrible one since I didn't really eat that much the night before. Went into SDMC at like, 5 am LOL -.- Got out on thursday after many many fluids were put into my body heh.

So now, the food. Mummy is insisting on me getting really fat to take care of my health. HAIH. This is because the doctor said that I am "small" for a sixteen year old. I am surely not "small" k. I'm "normal". I wanted to say this to the doc but I was half sleeping. It's funny how the doctor always comes in when I'm sleeping oh, like a conspiracy is going on HAHAHA. Anyways, my dad too is all like, "we have to change your diet. eat MORE." So yeah. Now I'm all food and stuff. My stupid tummy's fault lah -_____-

Haven't been out since then. I sleeeeep like a total pig naooo. Like, at least every afternoon & I have to use less of the computer. HAIH. Thank god that my big ass antibiotic is finishing soon or I'll be dying of hotness in this house. Srsly hot lehhhhhhhhhh GRRR

Though I'm glad that I was out of the situation for a while, it's time to face the music now. Wish me luck.


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