Friday, December 31

Baibai 2010

I've spent half of the last day of 2010 by cleaning up my room :) Since I just got my new school books I needed more space. So I'm pretty much tiredz now. While I was doing that, I remember 2010. Not my favourite year but most deff one of my favs :)

I remember the beginning of the year. Probably a different person cause that was pre-minor surgery Iman. After that, honestly.. everything changed. I have nooo idea why. I made new friends and lose some. Miss a few people. Missing Icha naooo T^T haih. OH. I met UKISS, esp bb soohyun so that was EPIC kekeke. The hideous braces colours I've chosen. The occasional sneaking out :P And of courseeee, friends that make my memories last longer :)

2010 will be remembered as one of those growing up years. EW cheesy :B LOL but it's true cause next year I'll be too busy with spm to be growing up HAHAHA.

So that's it. Bye byeee 2010 (L)

OHAIII 2011! LOL :3
Happy new year!

Thursday, December 30


High high highhhhh people!

Today is the last day of 2010 HAIH. Instead of reminiscing, which I'll be doing tomorrow LOL, I'm just going to write about this two weeks. Ok maybe the short version XD

Wellllll, I finally met the guy who has been tuning my piano for the past 3 years. Yes. Because he always come over when I'm at school or something. So when I get back, mom always go "ohh, the piano guy was here. He's handsomeeee. Such a shame you were not here" So I'm like :(( LOL

Was at home most of the days because of my fricking skin -.- Though there was one day where we went to MCD and then hanged out at my place. Played games and.. and.. watch naked kitchen. Me, Dazz, Joyen, Brandon. Like zomg that lucifer guy is in it NOMNOMNOM. The ending is chotto stupid though. So me & brandon came up with a season 2 HAHAHAHA (Y)

Went to a christmas gathering on sunday. Bought school uniform & books on Tuesday & wed. Went to the dentist today and is happy with the new thicker metal. Not really happy la LOL

Malaysia will be having a public holiday tomorrow! WOOPLA. Though it does not affect me in any way, I feel that I should be optimistic in hope of not having add maths tomorrow! EHEHEHEEEHE.


Sunday, December 19

That last promise

*I cannot write too much, using phone o.o*

Been such a rough week. My face is pratically peeling off doh. EW. Mother said that my skin is gonna get smoother & fairer after this shizz. Hope so cause all the meds are hurting mah faze.

Wellll, christmas shopping is done! Curve yesterday. With parents since brother was busy with sunway *jealous* So yeah. I like shopping with parents. They pay for everythingggg HOHOHO. Funniest thing happened when I went to padini. Like, I was checking out the clothes & stuff & wanted to go to the shoes section then then then! I saw this bishie. Like omfg I choked on my squeeling when he saw me watching him HAHA. So then I turned around and and... started walking out of the shop HAHAHAHAHAHA! *dies* It was really embarrassing. I pretended to look for someone outside & jet off hahahhaha

So yea, imagine 6 hours of walking. My mom complained to my brother "Walking around with Iman is fun, but expensive!" O_O hahahahahahahahhha. Bonding session whaaaaaaat XD

Ooops, going shopping agaynnnn :3


Sunday, December 12

Instead of me


waaa I miss my blog!

Lots of things have been happening lately. Like, just recently, I was admitted to hospital. A case of food poisoning, a terrible one since I didn't really eat that much the night before. Went into SDMC at like, 5 am LOL -.- Got out on thursday after many many fluids were put into my body heh.

So now, the food. Mummy is insisting on me getting really fat to take care of my health. HAIH. This is because the doctor said that I am "small" for a sixteen year old. I am surely not "small" k. I'm "normal". I wanted to say this to the doc but I was half sleeping. It's funny how the doctor always comes in when I'm sleeping oh, like a conspiracy is going on HAHAHA. Anyways, my dad too is all like, "we have to change your diet. eat MORE." So yeah. Now I'm all food and stuff. My stupid tummy's fault lah -_____-

Haven't been out since then. I sleeeeep like a total pig naooo. Like, at least every afternoon & I have to use less of the computer. HAIH. Thank god that my big ass antibiotic is finishing soon or I'll be dying of hotness in this house. Srsly hot lehhhhhhhhhh GRRR

Though I'm glad that I was out of the situation for a while, it's time to face the music now. Wish me luck.