Friday, November 26



It's friday already O_O HAH

Didn't go out much though. Except for the occasional lunch with the dudes at Istilah *LOL. Sooo. Yesterday, Me, Joyen, Dazz, Song ming, Jing wei, sau yan, Ozy, Sam, Bo yean of the crazy yamateh went to watch Harry Potter 7 MUAHAHAHA. But I also feel bad since I watched Dobby die for the second time. Heartless person I am. Then there was the popcorn fight XD We rock tau!

Walk walk then redbox~ haha. BLUE ALSO GOT EH. kuch kuch hot ta he, RAIN fosho & many more lah. We even kinda....bam the machine HAHAHA. Had so much funnn lah :D :D

I left the place at around 530 PM. While waiting for the bus, 3 different people came up to me & dunno say what. I was like
"huh. huh. no. yea. I don't understand you" LOL. They were all promoting digi stuff to me but since I'm just 16... yeah. Should've just wear a korean name tag around or something hahahahaha.

So today I'm just going to sleep. If I can. With all the stupid renovations going around next door I don't think I can though :/

OYEAH.Now I no image & voice yeah yeah yeah :3

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