Tuesday, November 2

The tide was out

Best thing about getting food poisoning every 2 weeks? Losing weight. And that's it. Other than that, suckish. Like I'm feeling right now. But also good because I won't be moving out of this chair for a while * witchy laugh* XD

I even didn't go to school today T.T So instead, was at home with marathon of my fav shows. Just finish watching vampires suck..like finally! I thought it was gonna be like a snooze fest but it's actually kinda funny. Still cannot believe that edward sullen is actually matt aka liam *faint* He looks so diff with his hair up like that LOL.

School is gonna be officially over soon. I don't really know when la HAHAHAHA. My calender says 20th November but they say it's gonna be earlier? Somebody please be kind enough to tell meeee! hahaha as ifff.

OH. Crazy yamateh is going to sunway lagoon tomolo. I'm sorry I cannot join. Can't actually say the reason here LOL COUGH LOL. Well, have fun though! :D


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