Saturday, November 20


Heyyy I'm backkk~

This is Fcuz's hottest hot new MV ;)

YEJUN IS FREAKIN HOT OMG Like, did he go through massive puberty? Cause I remember him being all cutesy & maknae-ish. But not anymore yayyy *o* But the are so underrated that it pisses me off. Maybe because of the weird start of Jiggy? grrr.

COUGH. Anyways, watched Harry potter 7 on Thursday from 5.45- 8.15 pm or something. Yes, that long. Made me all teary because it's just too awesome :') Cannot believe that the whole thing is coming to an end yerrr. How to live la?! HEHE. My fav spell has got to be "stupefy!" so when someone is being stupid I just shout out stupefy betch! LOL

Ohhh and I did my hair yesterday *winkwink. Bonding session with my mom at Taman Tun. And ohmaigod. The same lengzai/bishie/cutie who did my hair the last time, was there (L) He didn't recognize me though since he spoke mandarin to me -.-"" but still, I am speechless LALALALALA

Have no ideaaaa what to do today. And tomorrow. And monday. I am dead bored but as a cancerian, I prefer to stay at home LOL I hate you, horoscopes .__.

ps; I made a tumblr, namielikeitlikethat :3


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