Friday, November 5

Light me up


First of all, Happy Deepavali to everyone~ :D
I'm rotting at home because of the heat. Like omg. Wanted to catch up with my dramas but too hot. So I died on my bed until like 6 PM just now o.o

Yesterday was TOP's birthday :) was at the hospital from morning till evening *sigh. I told my mom "why reschedule? it's TOP's bday, don't wanna go out. Wanna celebrate tonight!" Mummy was like ; "Oh good la, we do something productive for his bday" LOL -_____-

So I woke up early that day. Got more meds T.T went home & play wild ones HEHEHE

Woke up super early today since mother wants us to make breakfast and eat with her (?) So we did *flips hair* Watched there's something about mary with brother HAHAHA. Yes, brother watched with me XD I already watched it a million times but I forgot the ending LOLOL

I swear I am completely different with my mummy. Like, I found out that she does not watch all those that I watch. Like horror movies, girly girly movies and all that lah. YERRRRR -_____- She only likes sci-fi and action things I guess mmhmm

still so hot

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