Wednesday, November 17

I saw you, you saw me

Happy hols to alll! :D

I hope everyone is comfortable in their own houses tonight! LOL.

So the other day I was at the clinic. My third home I guess. I was flipping through the pages of some mag when I saw this hunky hunk pic of this hunk. So I showed la my mom. Know what she said? "ohmyy, you really like gay-looking guys huh?" I was stunned for a while then said "he is so not gay. probably he's british so metrosexual la duhh" HEHEHE

Hot kan?
mummy no taste :P

Anyways, I was at the clinic because I hit my pinky finger the other day and so, it got swollen and kinda out of place ew. My usual doctor was not in, so instead I got this sub la. He said that I maybe have a connectivity tissue disease or something so I needed to take a blood test. Believe me you when I say that I'm out of blood LOL. We had to like, freeze waiting for my blood to come out into the syringe -.- My mom was holding my hand still and my bro was like "I have to take a pic of this!" But he didn't YERRR. After a while, my blood decided to flow out so waiting for the result now~

The last day of school was a blast. We helped teacher do stuff in her office. Which was strategically put beside pn teo's office. So we had no problem taking pics of ourselves! LOL. Our class mixed with other 3 classes. But still failed to reach 10 people HAH WE FLY LIKE A G6!

I was sad to get out of uncle's van for the last time this year. Until he said "happy holidays" awwww. I say man, good things happen to good people COUGH ME COUGH. HAHAHA.

Celebrated Raya Haji today with lots of food that probably can make you ill *witchy laugh* My mom's friends came over and so did my aunties & cousin so I'm kinda tired naooo :/

Playing totally spies HHEHEHEHEHEHE

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