Wednesday, November 10

Blew my mind


If anybody were to ask me how I'm feeling today. I'd say I'm OK. And by OK I mean, I'm miserable. Angry, sad, stressed out mixed with confuseness- If that's even a word XD- So yea, I am OK. I have no idea why I'm having these mood swings btw but it's annoying. Maybe I DO know, but I don't want to admit it you know? Like. I'm pms-ing or something. Sorry to those around me that have to bare this dark aura that's coming out of me *coughcough.

Went to school today LOLOL IKR I ROCKZ! Seriously, wayyy better than rotting at home. With the nagging and looking at my happy brother -____- 9 people of 4 Visto came *WOOTS. I was actually suprised to see any of them! was expecting only 2/3 people only o.o Didn't stay in class most of the time though HEHE. And I used up all of my prepaid by texting. And I didn't sleep in class also LALALA

This is a short post because I'm waiting for wild ones to load. Finally la! HIHI


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