Friday, November 26



It's friday already O_O HAH

Didn't go out much though. Except for the occasional lunch with the dudes at Istilah *LOL. Sooo. Yesterday, Me, Joyen, Dazz, Song ming, Jing wei, sau yan, Ozy, Sam, Bo yean of the crazy yamateh went to watch Harry Potter 7 MUAHAHAHA. But I also feel bad since I watched Dobby die for the second time. Heartless person I am. Then there was the popcorn fight XD We rock tau!

Walk walk then redbox~ haha. BLUE ALSO GOT EH. kuch kuch hot ta he, RAIN fosho & many more lah. We even kinda....bam the machine HAHAHA. Had so much funnn lah :D :D

I left the place at around 530 PM. While waiting for the bus, 3 different people came up to me & dunno say what. I was like
"huh. huh. no. yea. I don't understand you" LOL. They were all promoting digi stuff to me but since I'm just 16... yeah. Should've just wear a korean name tag around or something hahahahaha.

So today I'm just going to sleep. If I can. With all the stupid renovations going around next door I don't think I can though :/

OYEAH.Now I no image & voice yeah yeah yeah :3

Saturday, November 20


Heyyy I'm backkk~

This is Fcuz's hottest hot new MV ;)

YEJUN IS FREAKIN HOT OMG Like, did he go through massive puberty? Cause I remember him being all cutesy & maknae-ish. But not anymore yayyy *o* But the are so underrated that it pisses me off. Maybe because of the weird start of Jiggy? grrr.

COUGH. Anyways, watched Harry potter 7 on Thursday from 5.45- 8.15 pm or something. Yes, that long. Made me all teary because it's just too awesome :') Cannot believe that the whole thing is coming to an end yerrr. How to live la?! HEHE. My fav spell has got to be "stupefy!" so when someone is being stupid I just shout out stupefy betch! LOL

Ohhh and I did my hair yesterday *winkwink. Bonding session with my mom at Taman Tun. And ohmaigod. The same lengzai/bishie/cutie who did my hair the last time, was there (L) He didn't recognize me though since he spoke mandarin to me -.-"" but still, I am speechless LALALALALA

Have no ideaaaa what to do today. And tomorrow. And monday. I am dead bored but as a cancerian, I prefer to stay at home LOL I hate you, horoscopes .__.

ps; I made a tumblr, namielikeitlikethat :3


Wednesday, November 17

I saw you, you saw me

Happy hols to alll! :D

I hope everyone is comfortable in their own houses tonight! LOL.

So the other day I was at the clinic. My third home I guess. I was flipping through the pages of some mag when I saw this hunky hunk pic of this hunk. So I showed la my mom. Know what she said? "ohmyy, you really like gay-looking guys huh?" I was stunned for a while then said "he is so not gay. probably he's british so metrosexual la duhh" HEHEHE

Hot kan?
mummy no taste :P

Anyways, I was at the clinic because I hit my pinky finger the other day and so, it got swollen and kinda out of place ew. My usual doctor was not in, so instead I got this sub la. He said that I maybe have a connectivity tissue disease or something so I needed to take a blood test. Believe me you when I say that I'm out of blood LOL. We had to like, freeze waiting for my blood to come out into the syringe -.- My mom was holding my hand still and my bro was like "I have to take a pic of this!" But he didn't YERRR. After a while, my blood decided to flow out so waiting for the result now~

The last day of school was a blast. We helped teacher do stuff in her office. Which was strategically put beside pn teo's office. So we had no problem taking pics of ourselves! LOL. Our class mixed with other 3 classes. But still failed to reach 10 people HAH WE FLY LIKE A G6!

I was sad to get out of uncle's van for the last time this year. Until he said "happy holidays" awwww. I say man, good things happen to good people COUGH ME COUGH. HAHAHA.

Celebrated Raya Haji today with lots of food that probably can make you ill *witchy laugh* My mom's friends came over and so did my aunties & cousin so I'm kinda tired naooo :/

Playing totally spies HHEHEHEHEHEHE

Wednesday, November 10

Blew my mind


If anybody were to ask me how I'm feeling today. I'd say I'm OK. And by OK I mean, I'm miserable. Angry, sad, stressed out mixed with confuseness- If that's even a word XD- So yea, I am OK. I have no idea why I'm having these mood swings btw but it's annoying. Maybe I DO know, but I don't want to admit it you know? Like. I'm pms-ing or something. Sorry to those around me that have to bare this dark aura that's coming out of me *coughcough.

Went to school today LOLOL IKR I ROCKZ! Seriously, wayyy better than rotting at home. With the nagging and looking at my happy brother -____- 9 people of 4 Visto came *WOOTS. I was actually suprised to see any of them! was expecting only 2/3 people only o.o Didn't stay in class most of the time though HEHE. And I used up all of my prepaid by texting. And I didn't sleep in class also LALALA

This is a short post because I'm waiting for wild ones to load. Finally la! HIHI


Friday, November 5

Light me up


First of all, Happy Deepavali to everyone~ :D
I'm rotting at home because of the heat. Like omg. Wanted to catch up with my dramas but too hot. So I died on my bed until like 6 PM just now o.o

Yesterday was TOP's birthday :) was at the hospital from morning till evening *sigh. I told my mom "why reschedule? it's TOP's bday, don't wanna go out. Wanna celebrate tonight!" Mummy was like ; "Oh good la, we do something productive for his bday" LOL -_____-

So I woke up early that day. Got more meds T.T went home & play wild ones HEHEHE

Woke up super early today since mother wants us to make breakfast and eat with her (?) So we did *flips hair* Watched there's something about mary with brother HAHAHA. Yes, brother watched with me XD I already watched it a million times but I forgot the ending LOLOL

I swear I am completely different with my mummy. Like, I found out that she does not watch all those that I watch. Like horror movies, girly girly movies and all that lah. YERRRRR -_____- She only likes sci-fi and action things I guess mmhmm

still so hot

Tuesday, November 2

The tide was out

Best thing about getting food poisoning every 2 weeks? Losing weight. And that's it. Other than that, suckish. Like I'm feeling right now. But also good because I won't be moving out of this chair for a while * witchy laugh* XD

I even didn't go to school today T.T So instead, was at home with marathon of my fav shows. Just finish watching vampires finally! I thought it was gonna be like a snooze fest but it's actually kinda funny. Still cannot believe that edward sullen is actually matt aka liam *faint* He looks so diff with his hair up like that LOL.

School is gonna be officially over soon. I don't really know when la HAHAHAHA. My calender says 20th November but they say it's gonna be earlier? Somebody please be kind enough to tell meeee! hahaha as ifff.

OH. Crazy yamateh is going to sunway lagoon tomolo. I'm sorry I cannot join. Can't actually say the reason here LOL COUGH LOL. Well, have fun though! :D