Sunday, October 3

You just need to call


It's only the 2nd (or 3rd) of a new month but I already went on an illegal outing :D to summit for bowling haha. Tore my fingernail though. But it was greaaaat :3 You guys rock srsly! (Y)

The accounts project is still killing me slowly. I'm like, so frustrated. My dad is suppose to help me but all he's doing is get mad at me. I mean, ohmygod. Don't test my mood nao pleaseeee, bad week to test la. Finding a way to like, magically gain power to finish up the project cause I'm too lazy to think already -.-

I was suppose to go to padang this morning but couldn't wake up LOL SORRY! And the massive stomach pain I've been having since yesterday didn't help one bit :( So I bought more panadol muahahaha! *this is useless*

Watch out for CO-ED :)

Woooo and I can't wait for UKISS comeback! oh maii soohyun got a new hairstyle yay

ps: I got one week off! not really.. LOL


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