Saturday, October 23

nacho cheese


Today has been such a hot day :'( everyone is downstairs but I am not in the mood of joining. I cannot go out COUGH till after my exams are over. And exams are going to go away on wednesday at 1.10PM! ohmaigod yayyy! hahaha.

Had such a stressful week though. My parents were like, lecturing me & bro. Yes. both of us and for the simplest things. Ah hello, you treat us like kids so ofcourse we act like kids? :) Obvious whaaat. I don't get them fml

And I don't get why not many people are online right naoooos. I need someone to talk to :( but hate my msn. Been turning off & on, off & on. No idea why la T.T

OH. ohmygod! I just got the news that JAY PARK IS COMING TO MALAYSIA. omg omg omg. omg. 4th of december! not sure whether I'll be here though :S But I sooo wanna go! omg. Need to do good and asked my mummy to belanja me! hihihi

cutest song everh I totally get this song (;


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