Tuesday, October 19

I like, I like

Wooooops and one week has passed! Been very busy studying COUGH. Today's paper was english and Maths is tomorrow :( Yeah well, gonna study after this hmmm.

Nothing really interesting happened within these past few days. OH except that last night righttt, I slept at 10.30PM :O LOLOL. Becauseee my stomach was pain-ing :p and my headache didn't go away. So yeah, I took a ponstan and went to sleep. I don't trust panadol anymoreee hihi.

That reminds me, I just found 2 packs of antibiotics. Both belong to meee yay. I quickly hide it in case my mom found and started shouting at me HAHA. One for my stupid stomach and the other is for my fever or something. I should die with that many pills to eat.

OH my mummy. She plans to hire home tutors for me -.- for the holidays somemoreee! ohmygod. So most probably, take my mummy's brain, I'd have tuitions everyday before school starts again next year. Ohmygod T^T Home tutors somemoreee, that means no friends or texting in class or even skipping. ohmygod. So it pays for playing too much at school huh grrrr.

I think my parents are planning something this saturday night which involves them celebrating my dad's classmate's bday. Sooo.. who wanna bring me out? :D

F.cuz - boy meets girl
Never heard of this song eh! D:


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