Saturday, October 9


How is your saturday going? Mine's pretty lame & sweaty. Hottt weiyhhhhh roar. I realized that I haven't update much LOL lazy lah. But now, am boring so yeah. Going to tell you how my week at home went.

Monday & Tuesday
Stayed at home, battling with the stupid stomach -.- Soo wanted to go out, but *sigh* I was at home like"O___O" watched movies & stuff though. Plus chick flick with my dear brother two times! hahaha (Y)

Went to the hospital with mother. And ohmygod, ran into Icha & mom there! hahaha. What a weird place to bump into each other. Her mom said I looked too korean *COUGH* that she didn't recognized me LOL but it was great to see her again :') Her mom is there because of her broken leg ouch.

Anywayss, my doctor told me with a straight face "stay away from the sun!" Rain's "hiding from the sun" started playing in my head HAHA. She said that the spots on my face are just going to get bigger if I am under the sun. And that I tend to get dark patch on my face. wooo~ it's like, a free pass to not go out :D

Stayed at home again. But went lunch with The Left4Dead guys :D LOL again, you guys rock (Y) Luckily I went home early because it started raining that evening -.- like, finally la.

went to Klcc to find books. Yes, books. I bought a japanese mag with *wait for it* Rain as the cover! MUAHAHAHA. I didn't eat lunch because I knew that we were going to PJ so that means.. WOO JACK BURGERS. Like omg. The tastiest burger in the whole universe! The first time I've eaten it this year actually :') Oh how delish!

I watched the aunty cook but now I kinda regret it. She put like, 300gms of butter when she was grilling the patties. I was like "O___O" but worth it la *shining eyes*

Went to school. Like, srsly I'd rather be at school than stay at home with my parents nagging 24/7 -.- But it was lonelyyyyyy. Only 13(?) of our class came so we combined with 4G, 7 or so people. Misa didn't come T.T Studied accounts & a bit of maths. Other than that, free show anyone? :D

We danced to to kpop. We, as in dazz as the leader! HIHIHI we rock ah :3

ps; sorry for the long post .____.

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