Sunday, October 31



I know we don't celebrate but it's for good luck charm :) COUGH.

I totally, totally love this time of the year! horror fest on tv, the smell of fear LOL JK Just the many horror movies I've been watching. I mean, there was this one day where I watch Final destination 4, prom night, sorority row & the strangers like really back-to-back. I had to watched everything again because weirdly, I don't really remember most of the endings.. ouch.

Anyways. I've come out with a few tips to survive a ghost haunting or some Left4Dead Zombie fest.

Avoid dark places. Like derhh! Especially when zombies are around because they're pratically walking dead bodies so they look hella ugly. Hence, hiding in dark places work :)

Don't run, they're ghosts. *sighh I don't get people in horror movies. They know that they're being chased by ghosts. Why need to run? And scream.. and yell.. and scream again then making me scream .___.

Kill yourself. My motto; if the going gets tough, just kill yourself. There's no other way unless you can magically turn into a zombie/ghost yourself. Like in the strangers. The girl knew that she was gonna die.. with a broken leg somemore! but she still lives and chose not to kill herself. Why? to let them kill her slowly? Stupid lady -.- HAHA

Well that's all, I think. This was meant to be a spoof blog post. No seriousness involved in the making. But fyi, I 99% comfirm that garlic also works to avoid zombies HAHAHAHAHA.


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