Friday, October 29

A good namja

I had the weirdest dream last night. I have no idea who I was talking about but this MSN convo was all I remember LMAO. So That person asked;

me/don't know who

why do you like him? EW.
I dunno.
Tell la :(

OMGBBQ! -.-" what the also I don't know. Why do I like this dude's jaw? Then I woke up at like 2.30 AM because I received a text LOL stupid dream

Anyways, went to school today! I suprised myself cause I managed to wake up in time. 10 students in the class including 2 girls LOLOL WE ROCKX (Y) Didn't study anything at all and I went to recess for 40 mins instead of the usual 20 mins HAHAHA. It was a fun day la compared to being at home. srsly. I don't know how I'm going survive the hols T.T

Me, Miza & Aliza took pics at the toilet during our loooong break :) Funny laaa!

Then went back home & sleeep. I know, such a pig -.- Then now got stomach ache. Then got this stupid zit growing on my chin. Like, so annoying la my life. Need to watch gg & 90210 or some kolian dlamas asap!

LOL xoxo

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