Wednesday, September 1

The time is


According to my everything, it's been a week since I've updated this blog. Been soo lazy lately. I forgot how I spent last year's Ramadhan but sleeping a lot after school doesn't ring a bell :S But I'm using the computer like everyday since I'm on a gossip girl marathon to welcome the 4th season next week. I cannot waitttt! rawwr.

So what's new? Just that I lost my face on monday because of the random dancing to merdeka songs with Dazz LOL It was super fun though :D But terribly super painful to watch HAHAHA. *S dance* We got free flags somemore! I swear that the school is flooding with money (!) HEH. The dancing drained all the energy I had left in me by the time it was recess time XD 17 people came.

Went Raya shopping yesterday. Finally. We wanted to go to subang parade but it was packed. Off to Shah alam where cars were pratically on top of each other in the parking lot. So we decided to go to ampang where I got this pink baju kurung D: I made an oath of not buying any kind of pink shirts since I'd look odd wearing one but *sigh* OH. I got shoes too ;D The only thing that I need are my 'civilians' clothes as papa might put it HIHI (A)

But honestly, I don't think Raya will be as fun as last year. Or the year before that.. and before that. I mean. I don't feel the hyperness or the togetherness. The only thing that's together are the Kuih Raya which just arrived today. I was like "Confirm tomorrow no more Kuih Rayaaa!" HAHA


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