Friday, September 10

Raya day

It was-or still ongoing first day of Raya today :D Without my nanny & cousins, the house seem much quieter. Like reaaallly. But I had fun eating actually HAHA. No complete meals just bits of kuih raya & stuff. FUHHH. I swear I need to fast asap!

We went to this ONE house where, Lee Joon's malaysian version was there. His profile and hair at least *w* Then I went on spending the day by more cookies, GG and treating some kids *pats self*
Not much of a day.. no.

And the bestest part is that my nose is running like my brother when he's scared of something HAHA. I'm like, finishing this one tissue box all by myself :D OH. And my coughing is the reason I bought another inhaler. which is btw, so cheap here omg (Y) hate this flu lah.

Yea, this is how I roll in Perak

My family know how to sing this song naooo (L) ---not really lah
Since I was karaoke-ing it on music bank
G.O looks aweshome SEKUSHI ;)

Ps; SELAMAT HARI RAYA! Get loads of green angpaus yawwww


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