Friday, September 17

Oh hey hero

Well, it's 1.30am now and I'm still awake. Know why? It's just too hot for me to do anything. I checked on my brother just now, thinking he would still playing his Orochi so we could like, eat some snacks but nooo.. he was already snoring -___-

So now am all alone, awake and have no idea what to do. My GG marathon tonight went as far as just 3 episodes because I didn't want to know what happen. Maybe I know already but I don't want to find out. Same goes for the other questions in my life. Like, a lot of them.

Like some days you just know. You meet someone and you just know it's going to be a good/bad day. I'm sorry I'm babbling, looking at the clock kills me. I can't sleep and it's affecting my eyebags which are now level 3.3 (Y) I'm just afraid my mummy/papa gonna come out of the room & find out I'm still awake. Seeing tomorrow I'll be at the hospital or clinic whatever at 10AM till late, they're deffo gonna nag :3

Anddd my braces appointment in the evening, I have no time for my kitty nap YERRRRR. But still, I can't wait to get these bad boys out of me *roar* most of my USJ13 friends with braces (there's more braces there!) are taking out/already took out. so I'm like, jealous la actually.

Well, school is in 3 days. Anybody ready? I hope not. Accs project still a blurr and I have no more time seeing I'll be going to my other grandma's house on saturday and probably sleeping the whole of sunday (A) OH and I so need to clean my room. It needs a sign "warning: you seriously will get lost if you enter" or something. HAH I don't know, babbling againnnnnnn :)

OHx2. I've finished RM10 worth of prepaid in 2 days. That makes it RM40 this 1 & a half week *sigh* So I am punishing myself by not using my phone until like, saturday or something. I'm such a good girl :D and besides I'm totally broke LOL. This is why I tell my dad that I don't need post-paid, I'll definitely over-use my phone and the bill is going to be higher. Who says we don't need phones anymore?


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