Saturday, September 4


Tired is one way to put what I am right now. Just got back from a loooooong day out. Well, not really since I woke up at 10.44am just now LOL. Wanted to go to padang at first but I needed to go out to rawang at like 11 or something .___.

The jam was horrendous. Everywhere, jam jam jam. It was as though many people had the same idea as us and that is to visit this grandma :) I forgot her name exactly -.-""" But we often visit her when it's near Raya time. An old friend of my grandma which she is very similar to :')

Then off to more cars on the way to Subang Parade. The place was packed like omgg! And ++ new shops like bega & elle so no more speedy there (!) Sho sad. I found a few blouses and finally.. a pair of jeans that don't fall off whenever I walk HAHA that's a plus. We checked out the extreme 80% off sale. But when I saw the line, I died. It was like a never-ending-wonderful-story line lah.

Continuing with my XOXO ;)


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