Wednesday, September 15

Hate post

This is a hate post. Please bare with it & hate with me ;)

Once upon a time, I had this super fun girl as my bestest friend. I've known her as long as I can remember which is like, short since my memory is all blurry. Anyways, we lost contact. Were still very young so we didn't keep in touch. I know, sad. Wellll not really lah.

We crossed path again somewhat later when all fun times were gone & only names were remembered. We kept in touch this time. But this time ar *Lazy english* she's louder than I remember. Andddd, a lot of lansiness. I mean, cmon. I speak english and this girl obviously don't. So she tries la, which is foineee. But thennn, she tries so hard until the person in the toilet also not that hard trying. Seriously. But I let it go.

Next time we meet *sigh* my family just bought like a new tv that time, and know what? she go rant about it saying probably we stole it & bla bla. Excuse me la, do you so LOA *thanks brother, for the word* that you need to best me? I mean. It's probably 99% your mom's fault since she' been eye-ing us like we're lower than you -.- oh pleaseeee! in your dreams also won't happen oneeee :3

Fact is, the more you try the more you lose. You can never beat me as trying to do so already ruined your name. Do you feel like, by doing that you won something we can't see? Oh please. You're like, a little girl who got chocolate ice-cream cone while we get the cheap stick one. Does that mean you're on top of the world lah now? Think again. You are so wrong.

I mean I don't really care but this just got wayyy over line. She's trying SOO HARD. Don't listen to your mama. You're aint cooler than me *flips hair* HAHA. Go listen to your dad instead can?

And next time, if I do anything that you're deffo going to do just to prove that you're sooo much better than me, tell me first. I want to see how low can you go ;)

Done with the ranting. I want to write sooo much more but it's pointless to waste time on Stupid LOA people. Yes offense.


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