Tuesday, September 28


haha I lovee this song :3

Woooooots. I've been MIA huh? One week plus. This means that I am actually busy doing something productive :D hahaha. Now just deciding where to start.

School has been so-so. I slept at like, 2.30 AM last night omg. I can pratically feel my eyebags -.- No obvious reason what so ever for my lateness to go to sleep. But if I'd have to choose, it'll be because of the accounts project that I have yet to finish. My dad is helping so *crosses fingers*

Chuseok festival was last wednesday :D as a korean *COUGH* ofcourse, I celebrated it. On saturday actually hihihi. After Brother's bday bbq gathering, me, song ming, jingwei & reuven went to the park to play with candles & Basketball :D The weather was cool~ I thought it was going to rain again that night but yay! haha. There were a few people hanging out at the park though. OH and I nearly step on a frog :O

It was the awesomernest night that's forsureee
:D :D

Slept at like, 2AM and woke up at 11AM the next morning *witchy laugh*

Well, that's all for today. I'm going to continue with the stupid beep firetruck project naoooos.

CL: you ain't shit without your crew ;)

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