Tuesday, September 28


haha I lovee this song :3

Woooooots. I've been MIA huh? One week plus. This means that I am actually busy doing something productive :D hahaha. Now just deciding where to start.

School has been so-so. I slept at like, 2.30 AM last night omg. I can pratically feel my eyebags -.- No obvious reason what so ever for my lateness to go to sleep. But if I'd have to choose, it'll be because of the accounts project that I have yet to finish. My dad is helping so *crosses fingers*

Chuseok festival was last wednesday :D as a korean *COUGH* ofcourse, I celebrated it. On saturday actually hihihi. After Brother's bday bbq gathering, me, song ming, jingwei & reuven went to the park to play with candles & Basketball :D The weather was cool~ I thought it was going to rain again that night but yay! haha. There were a few people hanging out at the park though. OH and I nearly step on a frog :O

It was the awesomernest night that's forsureee
:D :D

Slept at like, 2AM and woke up at 11AM the next morning *witchy laugh*

Well, that's all for today. I'm going to continue with the stupid beep firetruck project naoooos.

CL: you ain't shit without your crew ;)

Friday, September 17

Oh hey hero

Well, it's 1.30am now and I'm still awake. Know why? It's just too hot for me to do anything. I checked on my brother just now, thinking he would still playing his Orochi so we could like, eat some snacks but nooo.. he was already snoring -___-

So now am all alone, awake and have no idea what to do. My GG marathon tonight went as far as just 3 episodes because I didn't want to know what happen. Maybe I know already but I don't want to find out. Same goes for the other questions in my life. Like, a lot of them.

Like some days you just know. You meet someone and you just know it's going to be a good/bad day. I'm sorry I'm babbling, looking at the clock kills me. I can't sleep and it's affecting my eyebags which are now level 3.3 (Y) I'm just afraid my mummy/papa gonna come out of the room & find out I'm still awake. Seeing tomorrow I'll be at the hospital or clinic whatever at 10AM till late, they're deffo gonna nag :3

Anddd my braces appointment in the evening, I have no time for my kitty nap YERRRRR. But still, I can't wait to get these bad boys out of me *roar* most of my USJ13 friends with braces (there's more braces there!) are taking out/already took out. so I'm like, jealous la actually.

Well, school is in 3 days. Anybody ready? I hope not. Accs project still a blurr and I have no more time seeing I'll be going to my other grandma's house on saturday and probably sleeping the whole of sunday (A) OH and I so need to clean my room. It needs a sign "warning: you seriously will get lost if you enter" or something. HAH I don't know, babbling againnnnnnn :)

OHx2. I've finished RM10 worth of prepaid in 2 days. That makes it RM40 this 1 & a half week *sigh* So I am punishing myself by not using my phone until like, saturday or something. I'm such a good girl :D and besides I'm totally broke LOL. This is why I tell my dad that I don't need post-paid, I'll definitely over-use my phone and the bill is going to be higher. Who says we don't need phones anymore?


Wednesday, September 15

Hate post

This is a hate post. Please bare with it & hate with me ;)

Once upon a time, I had this super fun girl as my bestest friend. I've known her as long as I can remember which is like, short since my memory is all blurry. Anyways, we lost contact. Were still very young so we didn't keep in touch. I know, sad. Wellll not really lah.

We crossed path again somewhat later when all fun times were gone & only names were remembered. We kept in touch this time. But this time ar *Lazy english* she's louder than I remember. Andddd, a lot of lansiness. I mean, cmon. I speak english and this girl obviously don't. So she tries la, which is foineee. But thennn, she tries so hard until the person in the toilet also not that hard trying. Seriously. But I let it go.

Next time we meet *sigh* my family just bought like a new tv that time, and know what? she go rant about it saying probably we stole it & bla bla. Excuse me la, do you so LOA *thanks brother, for the word* that you need to best me? I mean. It's probably 99% your mom's fault since she' been eye-ing us like we're lower than you -.- oh pleaseeee! in your dreams also won't happen oneeee :3

Fact is, the more you try the more you lose. You can never beat me as trying to do so already ruined your name. Do you feel like, by doing that you won something we can't see? Oh please. You're like, a little girl who got chocolate ice-cream cone while we get the cheap stick one. Does that mean you're on top of the world lah now? Think again. You are so wrong.

I mean I don't really care but this just got wayyy over line. She's trying SOO HARD. Don't listen to your mama. You're aint cooler than me *flips hair* HAHA. Go listen to your dad instead can?

And next time, if I do anything that you're deffo going to do just to prove that you're sooo much better than me, tell me first. I want to see how low can you go ;)

Done with the ranting. I want to write sooo much more but it's pointless to waste time on Stupid LOA people. Yes offense.


Friday, September 10

Raya day

It was-or still ongoing first day of Raya today :D Without my nanny & cousins, the house seem much quieter. Like reaaallly. But I had fun eating actually HAHA. No complete meals just bits of kuih raya & stuff. FUHHH. I swear I need to fast asap!

We went to this ONE house where, Lee Joon's malaysian version was there. His profile and hair at least *w* Then I went on spending the day by more cookies, GG and treating some kids *pats self*
Not much of a day.. no.

And the bestest part is that my nose is running like my brother when he's scared of something HAHA. I'm like, finishing this one tissue box all by myself :D OH. And my coughing is the reason I bought another inhaler. which is btw, so cheap here omg (Y) hate this flu lah.

Yea, this is how I roll in Perak

My family know how to sing this song naooo (L) ---not really lah
Since I was karaoke-ing it on music bank
G.O looks aweshome SEKUSHI ;)

Ps; SELAMAT HARI RAYA! Get loads of green angpaus yawwww


Saturday, September 4

Not true

And Jay's rapping makes this song even sadder :(

"I want to cry right now
I want to cry because of you
I want to cry because it’s so hard
I want to smile like old times
I’m crying again
I’m crying right now
My tired love, your rough expectations
I’m so afraid, I’m so afraid
Time without you"



Tired is one way to put what I am right now. Just got back from a loooooong day out. Well, not really since I woke up at 10.44am just now LOL. Wanted to go to padang at first but I needed to go out to rawang at like 11 or something .___.

The jam was horrendous. Everywhere, jam jam jam. It was as though many people had the same idea as us and that is to visit this grandma :) I forgot her name exactly -.-""" But we often visit her when it's near Raya time. An old friend of my grandma which she is very similar to :')

Then off to more cars on the way to Subang Parade. The place was packed like omgg! And ++ new shops like bega & elle so no more speedy there (!) Sho sad. I found a few blouses and finally.. a pair of jeans that don't fall off whenever I walk HAHA that's a plus. We checked out the extreme 80% off sale. But when I saw the line, I died. It was like a never-ending-wonderful-story line lah.

Continuing with my XOXO ;)


Wednesday, September 1

The time is


According to my everything, it's been a week since I've updated this blog. Been soo lazy lately. I forgot how I spent last year's Ramadhan but sleeping a lot after school doesn't ring a bell :S But I'm using the computer like everyday since I'm on a gossip girl marathon to welcome the 4th season next week. I cannot waitttt! rawwr.

So what's new? Just that I lost my face on monday because of the random dancing to merdeka songs with Dazz LOL It was super fun though :D But terribly super painful to watch HAHAHA. *S dance* We got free flags somemore! I swear that the school is flooding with money (!) HEH. The dancing drained all the energy I had left in me by the time it was recess time XD 17 people came.

Went Raya shopping yesterday. Finally. We wanted to go to subang parade but it was packed. Off to Shah alam where cars were pratically on top of each other in the parking lot. So we decided to go to ampang where I got this pink baju kurung D: I made an oath of not buying any kind of pink shirts since I'd look odd wearing one but *sigh* OH. I got shoes too ;D The only thing that I need are my 'civilians' clothes as papa might put it HIHI (A)

But honestly, I don't think Raya will be as fun as last year. Or the year before that.. and before that. I mean. I don't feel the hyperness or the togetherness. The only thing that's together are the Kuih Raya which just arrived today. I was like "Confirm tomorrow no more Kuih Rayaaa!" HAHA