Wednesday, August 4

They're back :D

Down down downnn


I totally totally lovee this MV :D
They look exxtraa hot under the sun

Well anywaysss, I just got a nosebleed so that's why I'm online HAHA .____. The sun lah, so quiet yet very deadly. It was raining this morning. Such a great weather when I got to school. Felt like sleeping since I didn't sleep well last night.

OH. Last night. Something funny happened! Likelike, it was like 2AM or something. I woke up because it was starting to get cold. Was looking for a long-sleeved shirt when I hit my standing mirror. And know what? I said sorry to the mirror. HAHAHA seriously! XD I didn't realize at first so I went back to bed then only I was like O___O LOL

Yea, at school. Learning dy/dx in add maths naooo. Oh how I wish I know the reason we're learning how to calculate these stuff -.- Thank god my class is forever fun (A) Likelikelike, the BM teacher was absent, again. I bet he's fed up with the class and is thinking about not coming in foreverhhhh *crosses fingers* So yeah, we made noise HAHA

Andddd, presenting my woohyunnie
*faint* LOL


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