Wednesday, August 18

Stop & stare for a while


It's kinda hard for me to go online nowadays :/ Know whyy? Lazyness la *claaaaap*

School has been good (Y) funnayhhh and good. We have unlimited supply of imaginary laughing gas ah :D

Other than that, it's the holy month! So I'm like super holy now, thanks o:) with angel wings and stuff somemoree! My classmates are afraid to eat/drink in front of me. Seriously, I don't mind. Am use to it la, and besides I feel full when I see people eat :] haha.

v i v i p
vi v i p
bigbang is v i p ! *ah. LOL.

Today is G DRAGON'S birthday fyibtw!
so go call him, go go go! :D :D

*sorry for the short post, promise to write hella more next time dear bloggie~


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