Sunday, August 8

Spinning around

It's pretty early to post about today but it's either this or go study for exam LOL

Today is Dazzlyn's 16th birthday
:D soo we all went study at MCD la HAHA
I arrived at mcd at like 11 *soooorry late* Hagilan belanja me eat :D! I wanted to play on the slide but didn't because of the small kids GRRR!D: So sit for a while then head to sau yan's house to *celebrate* study further. His house is located in usj6 so it was a short walk :)

There were like, 12 of us so it was pretty hectic. We talktalktalk and eat and read.a.bit. (Y)

So now I don't have any idea of what to write *mummy is srsly bugging me!* other then I had tonnes of fun and that we all need to eat ice cream cake next time! :DD

*pics in facebook, hee*


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