Sunday, August 1

Lyk this


I'm here to write a real post naoo LOL.

School has been a blast this week :) Like on thursday, we listened to hagilan storystory at the back. HAHA this one time when me & dazzlyn were like, sitting on one chair, Pn Teo came and PUFFFFFF went dazzlyn XD The class was silent for a while, it was scary lah actually. Some teachers were pretty pissed oh, others.. not so much. I learned to hand-dance to 'break ur heart' taught by brandon LOL

Friday was a bit boring since we, muslim students need to go down to listen to the ceramah by this ustaz who came uber late -___- He said some pretty good stuff that kinda make sense *clap. I tried to sleep but couldn't so I just laughed at the two sleeping boys in front of me who were like leaning against each other. Like a couple. HAHA. Miza was like, laughing so much that I couldn't keep up most of the time XDD

We got free food :D But then I didn't take because the free food was nasi lemak and Brad Pitt knows how much I dislike them. Blame the nasi, tastes weird :S

Cousin Zaza came to my house and taught me add maths yesterday :D And ohmygod it was as if, I never ever step foot in an add maths class before .___. Thankgod my cousin is smaaaart! I was supposed to go to my other cousin's school carnival though, so that sucked U_U

OH. And I had this reaaaaally weird dream last night that I kinda forgot :PP



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