Friday, August 20

I'll be there,

Tae yang- I'll be there

So my mom just asked me whether I wanted to continue with my japanese.
I was like; Who's the teacher?
Mom: I think he mix malay+indian
Me: NUUUU! I don't trust people with beans eyes. Mata sepet ftw!
Mom: LOL!
HAHAHA I crack myself up!

I'm still deciding.. I have no problem continuing, since I still remember. Some. hahaha. But I wanna learn korean & mandarin tooooo! T^T

School has been sheet loads of fun :) The only black dot is the accounts project. I haven't even started yet pleaseeee (A) Thinking about asking my dad to do my work *witchy laugh* XD OH. I found out that next friday is a holiday. And my parents won't be here.. Party anyone? :D :D LOL

I am shooo addicted to this song!! Thanks to Izmin for introducing me to them~ :3

Lee chi hoon


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