Saturday, August 21

Like it like that

I swear my heart stopped when I saw this.
Ulljjang Yu Ha Min

Korean Vampire-ness RAWWR.

Saturdays are always boring and today was no exception. I wanted to go to the padang at first, but then decided to sleep in. So I did and woke up at 9.46 am :) Then I watched Kamen Rider Kiva. Mucho better than den-o but not-there-yet compare to ryuuki

I started going through fyulljjang since I've not been there for like a month already -__- I spazz, spazz, spazz lah! LOL. So now Yu ha min is like, my #2 ;) HE'S HOT. The eyes, jawline just micheyosso! Reaaaaaaally.

Then I found out about the cancellation of Jay's FM in Malaysia *sobs* I already started saving money for thaaaaat! And to add, reality hit me that I won't being going to ZE:A's fm either! It's on the 2nd/3rd day of Raya so yeah. How could theyyyyy??! Kim Hyung Jun baby is coming next week, which I ALSO won't be going since my parents are coming back on that day. GRRR. Emoooo times 2 naooo ;(

EH. I just realized that I haven't even started on my accs project yet(!) This ish soo awesome :D :D Been busy with Yakuza lords today until like that liao *fuhhh* I'm not going to start now though, maybe tomorrow. Or the next day, or the next. Maybe the day after thaat...

#SMtown FTW!


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