Friday, August 13

Out of the boredom

Hello, Hayyyy :D

I'm in such a bad mood naooo :D no idea why. Maybe pre-pms LOL

Though I'm glaaaaad that exam is over! Finally. The funniest thing happened on wednesday. It was time for the Agama & Moral test. The teacher was giving out moral papers first. I was talking to
Hazwani so I didn't realize that the teacher (En syed) put a moral paper on my desk HAHA. One of the guys was like, "Dia tak buat moral la cikgu!" HAHAHA. I looked at the paper then at teacher and laughed. The teacher was like, reluctant to take back the paper since he thought we were playing with him XD!!

Thenthen, when it was time to collect back the agama papers, this teacher--I forgot
who-- didn't collect my paper until mei yen told her that I don't do moral HAHAHA omggg. I srsly can tell people that I'm koreaaaan mann! COUGH :D

I came back from school and saw my mom outside. The posdude delivered something that has to be signed. So ofcourse, I stormed in as it was flaming hotttt! Didn't happen. My mummy called
me & said that the letter is for me :D thought it was from Soohyun who found my address and wrote me a love letter. But no :( LOL

Guess what I got? An autograped postcard of 2AM!!

jinwoon shoo hot! *faint*

ohmygod. like duhh I squealed, jumped and squealed!
Been waiting forever. I srsly thought I lost the contest (held by Klik) But noooo. I got luck. LUCK. The mag said hand-signed so ORITEEEEEEE :D Happy to the max! yesterday

And to everyoneee, HAPPY RAMADHAN MONTH! hahaha :P


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