Wednesday, August 25

Come with me

My boys are back
The MV kinda freaked me out though O_O"
But I loveee this song! So emo-ish. So FT Island!
I got tired of their happy songs actually LOL

School has been shizz loads of fun this week :D Come into 4 Visto and you'll know whyy *wink* Like today. It was KOKO penilaian day or something.. So me & Dazz toured the school :D We passed by Encik Abu like 7884938 times!! HAHAHA. I fainted like, half the time! Such a pity that Jo yen didn't come XD

Then then, free period all the way! Since our english teacher was downstairs and I skipped Agama class LOL. I was kinda shocked to see that many people in relief period. btwfyi, we don't have 'relief periods' in USJ13 so yeahh.. Or maybe they have, but I didn't really notice .___.

OH. My parents are not home until Saturday! omggg. But my untie is staying with us :O So I HAVE to go to Bazaar still T^T IT'S SO HOT, I COULD DIEEE. I mean, I switched on my fan on 2nd power, my aircond like max super power and I sit facing the aircond but still no effect GRR. I bet it's because of our environment. I don't like malaysia more naooooo

OH. Baby Hyun Jun's fm got postponed (!) This is great news for me but kinda saddening for others.. Rumored to be in october. I was like; "Novemberr can anot?! Jay is maybe coming in October too and I need money!" HIHIHI


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