Wednesday, August 25

Come with me

My boys are back
The MV kinda freaked me out though O_O"
But I loveee this song! So emo-ish. So FT Island!
I got tired of their happy songs actually LOL

School has been shizz loads of fun this week :D Come into 4 Visto and you'll know whyy *wink* Like today. It was KOKO penilaian day or something.. So me & Dazz toured the school :D We passed by Encik Abu like 7884938 times!! HAHAHA. I fainted like, half the time! Such a pity that Jo yen didn't come XD

Then then, free period all the way! Since our english teacher was downstairs and I skipped Agama class LOL. I was kinda shocked to see that many people in relief period. btwfyi, we don't have 'relief periods' in USJ13 so yeahh.. Or maybe they have, but I didn't really notice .___.

OH. My parents are not home until Saturday! omggg. But my untie is staying with us :O So I HAVE to go to Bazaar still T^T IT'S SO HOT, I COULD DIEEE. I mean, I switched on my fan on 2nd power, my aircond like max super power and I sit facing the aircond but still no effect GRR. I bet it's because of our environment. I don't like malaysia more naooooo

OH. Baby Hyun Jun's fm got postponed (!) This is great news for me but kinda saddening for others.. Rumored to be in october. I was like; "Novemberr can anot?! Jay is maybe coming in October too and I need money!" HIHIHI


Saturday, August 21

Like it like that

I swear my heart stopped when I saw this.
Ulljjang Yu Ha Min

Korean Vampire-ness RAWWR.

Saturdays are always boring and today was no exception. I wanted to go to the padang at first, but then decided to sleep in. So I did and woke up at 9.46 am :) Then I watched Kamen Rider Kiva. Mucho better than den-o but not-there-yet compare to ryuuki

I started going through fyulljjang since I've not been there for like a month already -__- I spazz, spazz, spazz lah! LOL. So now Yu ha min is like, my #2 ;) HE'S HOT. The eyes, jawline just micheyosso! Reaaaaaaally.

Then I found out about the cancellation of Jay's FM in Malaysia *sobs* I already started saving money for thaaaaat! And to add, reality hit me that I won't being going to ZE:A's fm either! It's on the 2nd/3rd day of Raya so yeah. How could theyyyyy??! Kim Hyung Jun baby is coming next week, which I ALSO won't be going since my parents are coming back on that day. GRRR. Emoooo times 2 naooo ;(

EH. I just realized that I haven't even started on my accs project yet(!) This ish soo awesome :D :D Been busy with Yakuza lords today until like that liao *fuhhh* I'm not going to start now though, maybe tomorrow. Or the next day, or the next. Maybe the day after thaat...

#SMtown FTW!


Friday, August 20

I'll be there,

Tae yang- I'll be there

So my mom just asked me whether I wanted to continue with my japanese.
I was like; Who's the teacher?
Mom: I think he mix malay+indian
Me: NUUUU! I don't trust people with beans eyes. Mata sepet ftw!
Mom: LOL!
HAHAHA I crack myself up!

I'm still deciding.. I have no problem continuing, since I still remember. Some. hahaha. But I wanna learn korean & mandarin tooooo! T^T

School has been sheet loads of fun :) The only black dot is the accounts project. I haven't even started yet pleaseeee (A) Thinking about asking my dad to do my work *witchy laugh* XD OH. I found out that next friday is a holiday. And my parents won't be here.. Party anyone? :D :D LOL

I am shooo addicted to this song!! Thanks to Izmin for introducing me to them~ :3

Lee chi hoon


Wednesday, August 18

Stop & stare for a while


It's kinda hard for me to go online nowadays :/ Know whyy? Lazyness la *claaaaap*

School has been good (Y) funnayhhh and good. We have unlimited supply of imaginary laughing gas ah :D

Other than that, it's the holy month! So I'm like super holy now, thanks o:) with angel wings and stuff somemoree! My classmates are afraid to eat/drink in front of me. Seriously, I don't mind. Am use to it la, and besides I feel full when I see people eat :] haha.

v i v i p
vi v i p
bigbang is v i p ! *ah. LOL.

Today is G DRAGON'S birthday fyibtw!
so go call him, go go go! :D :D

*sorry for the short post, promise to write hella more next time dear bloggie~


Friday, August 13

Out of the boredom

Hello, Hayyyy :D

I'm in such a bad mood naooo :D no idea why. Maybe pre-pms LOL

Though I'm glaaaaad that exam is over! Finally. The funniest thing happened on wednesday. It was time for the Agama & Moral test. The teacher was giving out moral papers first. I was talking to
Hazwani so I didn't realize that the teacher (En syed) put a moral paper on my desk HAHA. One of the guys was like, "Dia tak buat moral la cikgu!" HAHAHA. I looked at the paper then at teacher and laughed. The teacher was like, reluctant to take back the paper since he thought we were playing with him XD!!

Thenthen, when it was time to collect back the agama papers, this teacher--I forgot
who-- didn't collect my paper until mei yen told her that I don't do moral HAHAHA omggg. I srsly can tell people that I'm koreaaaan mann! COUGH :D

I came back from school and saw my mom outside. The posdude delivered something that has to be signed. So ofcourse, I stormed in as it was flaming hotttt! Didn't happen. My mummy called
me & said that the letter is for me :D thought it was from Soohyun who found my address and wrote me a love letter. But no :( LOL

Guess what I got? An autograped postcard of 2AM!!

jinwoon shoo hot! *faint*

ohmygod. like duhh I squealed, jumped and squealed!
Been waiting forever. I srsly thought I lost the contest (held by Klik) But noooo. I got luck. LUCK. The mag said hand-signed so ORITEEEEEEE :D Happy to the max! yesterday

And to everyoneee, HAPPY RAMADHAN MONTH! hahaha :P


Sunday, August 8

Spinning around

It's pretty early to post about today but it's either this or go study for exam LOL

Today is Dazzlyn's 16th birthday
:D soo we all went study at MCD la HAHA
I arrived at mcd at like 11 *soooorry late* Hagilan belanja me eat :D! I wanted to play on the slide but didn't because of the small kids GRRR!D: So sit for a while then head to sau yan's house to *celebrate* study further. His house is located in usj6 so it was a short walk :)

There were like, 12 of us so it was pretty hectic. We talktalktalk and eat and read.a.bit. (Y)

So now I don't have any idea of what to write *mummy is srsly bugging me!* other then I had tonnes of fun and that we all need to eat ice cream cake next time! :DD

*pics in facebook, hee*


Wednesday, August 4

They're back :D

Down down downnn


I totally totally lovee this MV :D
They look exxtraa hot under the sun

Well anywaysss, I just got a nosebleed so that's why I'm online HAHA .____. The sun lah, so quiet yet very deadly. It was raining this morning. Such a great weather when I got to school. Felt like sleeping since I didn't sleep well last night.

OH. Last night. Something funny happened! Likelike, it was like 2AM or something. I woke up because it was starting to get cold. Was looking for a long-sleeved shirt when I hit my standing mirror. And know what? I said sorry to the mirror. HAHAHA seriously! XD I didn't realize at first so I went back to bed then only I was like O___O LOL

Yea, at school. Learning dy/dx in add maths naooo. Oh how I wish I know the reason we're learning how to calculate these stuff -.- Thank god my class is forever fun (A) Likelikelike, the BM teacher was absent, again. I bet he's fed up with the class and is thinking about not coming in foreverhhhh *crosses fingers* So yeah, we made noise HAHA

Andddd, presenting my woohyunnie
*faint* LOL


Sunday, August 1

Lyk this


I'm here to write a real post naoo LOL.

School has been a blast this week :) Like on thursday, we listened to hagilan storystory at the back. HAHA this one time when me & dazzlyn were like, sitting on one chair, Pn Teo came and PUFFFFFF went dazzlyn XD The class was silent for a while, it was scary lah actually. Some teachers were pretty pissed oh, others.. not so much. I learned to hand-dance to 'break ur heart' taught by brandon LOL

Friday was a bit boring since we, muslim students need to go down to listen to the ceramah by this ustaz who came uber late -___- He said some pretty good stuff that kinda make sense *clap. I tried to sleep but couldn't so I just laughed at the two sleeping boys in front of me who were like leaning against each other. Like a couple. HAHA. Miza was like, laughing so much that I couldn't keep up most of the time XDD

We got free food :D But then I didn't take because the free food was nasi lemak and Brad Pitt knows how much I dislike them. Blame the nasi, tastes weird :S

Cousin Zaza came to my house and taught me add maths yesterday :D And ohmygod it was as if, I never ever step foot in an add maths class before .___. Thankgod my cousin is smaaaart! I was supposed to go to my other cousin's school carnival though, so that sucked U_U

OH. And I had this reaaaaally weird dream last night that I kinda forgot :PP