Sunday, July 18

You're so hot

So I just got back from Kuala kangsar with family + untie sue :)

We went to a wedding at Ipoh sort-of Gopeng yesterday. Cousin Aqilah was there with my uncle+ family and my grandma :) Sudah lama tidak jumpa hihi. It was superrrr hot so my face turned like, really red T^T I looked like, something that look really red lah. Saw some 5/6 rated lengcais with aqilah XD We were like fangirling or something LOL. I miss Ipoh :')

Didn't go to Ipoh de mall though.. because it was again, superr hot so I was like "papa dudeeee, let's not go to Ipoh mall la, too hot." So yeahh..

NO INTERNET at Chandan so I HAD to watch Kamen Rider Ryuki with my brother :DD OK. I WANTED TOO. LOL. HENSHIN! XD Ren is ultra sexy! So I call him sexystuff while I call Ryuki hotstuff HAHAHA. Watched until 10 eps. There are like, 50 eps all together. My brother PERASAN himself as Ren. So I was like "NOOOOO! He's my BF!!" LMAOOO

Ate like a ton of food! I swear we can't go to Kuala anymore or I'll be fattttt as a boomer.

OH. We visited grandma's grave this morning *sobsob* before picking up dozens of paus we ordered kekeke. I have something else to say but I can't remember what. And now my dad is asking for me to stop using the computer ._____. haven't even uploaded the pics GRRR


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