Sunday, July 4

Time should stop

So I went to USJ4's Carnival yesterday with Miza, it was awhshomeee! Minus the part where we had to line up for the haunted house for an hour before they tell us that there was a technical difficulties -.- WE QUIT THE LINE! lolol. Was sooo close already, but ridiculous lah. Didn't see anyone I know there except for a few ex-classmates. Loads of cuteee guys :) hahaha. There was a dance crew and I was like ":O hot & talented?! I hate our school!" gegege. And nice selling skills. We were at this stall, and the cute guys were like "A hot girl like you should buy the super delish muffins" Miza looked at me and laughed LOL (Y) We later found out that they're only form 2 students but so tall lehh O_O

Nothing mucho happened after that since I had to go back at 1PM (arrived at 10++) So I didn't stick around when Yuna, saiful apek were there. Miza told me that lots of people I know were there too grrr.

My mummy's birthday! :DD Didn't really celebrate as my mom's friend's husband--who is also my mom's friend just died U_U So we went to somewhere close to Klang I guess, not sure actually. May he rest in peace. Yeahh, met lots of mom's friends. They were saying how small and young I look *flips hair* LOL hahaha xD

Such a cold day, I'm sneezing and having a retarded runny nose T^T falling sick I guess. grrgrrgrr

I'll update again next week ciaoooo
ps; It' also Akanishi jin, takahisa masuda and Leader Doojoon's birthday today!


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