Friday, July 2

So precious


So I woke up feeling abnormally hungry just now. Srsly, the first thing I heard after waking up was my stomach going gruu gruu growling LOLOL Maybe because I only ate like half an apple for dinner last night since I was too guilty to eat anything else after having ais kacang in the morning--remembering alexander's love for it LOL And oreo shake shake that evening. Grrr those oreos!

So yesterday.
Open day and both of my parents went :) My class first before heading to Yan's class which is just next door haha. Anyways, Pn Lilaini filled in for the sick pn Noria and that did not bode well. I was pissed at the teacher. She was like "I have no idea, the computer counted everything" *glares at me* Dad; "so you're saying I should be talking to the computer la??" HAHA BURNEDDD! Serves her right, get some ground work done first la. My mom didn't say much. It ended after 2 mins or something. Thankgoddd :]

My parents were, are, dissapointed ofcourse. Who aren't? All the parents had the boringest faces after taking their kids' report cards HAHA. So I'm going to study harder lah now, hopefully.

Downloading Taeyang's album naoooo. I LOVE HIM, HOTNESSSTUFF :9 And son dambi's new single is good too, love her :) (L)

Oh. My dad just said I can only use the internet on weekends now *sobsob* Feel so sad. GRR. So I'm going to update my blog on weekends as mucho as I can.

Oh times 2, My MSN GOT HACKED -.- sheeet man. But now it's okay, my email I mean. The thing is the msn thingy is NOT. So I can't on my msn PFFTTTTS! Need to re-install again again again lah naoo. Sooo, please ignore the shtoopid emails from 'me' =.= kthx

Rest In Peace, Park Yong Ha u_u

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