Sunday, July 11

saturday night

I'm in jolly good mood since it's my birthday today!:)
Celebrated last night actually, a little gathering SLASH bbq with close friends *clapclap*
Had tonnes of funnn! My brother's friends came early to help out. At least, that's what I think so -.-"" My bro started the fire at like, 5.30 while I was inside *evil witch laugh* LOL. Hazwani & dhani arrived almost at the same time. Then I saw 3 lengcais aka reuven, song ming, jing wei EMO walking outside cheyhcheyhcheyh XD I was like "where are the girls laa??!" HAHA.

They arrived later when we were drunk with reuven's & jing wei's piano playing skills WHICH BTWFYI were like, 1000000 times better than me! So malu lah. That' what happens when you don't practice. grr. We Eateat, talktalktalk and we went to the 11/7 padang :D By then, miza aliza dhani & wani went back d. So yea, it was scarayh. Dazzlyn & Joyen got scared the shizz out by song ming HAHAHA. The place was wet but we all went crazy on the skating thingy nonetheless. And the see-saw, and the slide AND the monkey thingy (L)

The guys were ever so sweet to walk me, joyen & dazz home
:) when their houses are like, so close to the padang. My parents were like "*high pitched* byeeee! :DD" to my friends -.-" malu.

Then I found out that my brother messed around with my phone T^T So there were bookmarks of random games websites and pics of lengluis like HYUNA in my phone. omgomggrrrr. Stayed up just to delete all those stuff. malu times 2!Lucky him that HIS FRIENDS all lengcai lah (Y)

My fav photo since everyone were looking at the camera :)

Thanks a lot guys, I had so mucho fun! :') thanks for coming and thankssssx2 for the presents, you guys are the BEST! :)

PS; Sorry my dad is A BIT scary HAHAHA
PS2; Will update the rest of the pics on facebook soon! I hope, lol

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