Tuesday, July 20


Ren's cheekbones LOL

Anyways, hiiii.
I didn't go to school today since I had a flu last night and a bigggg headache just now. I think I'm ok nao :) Still not sure why I'm here really -.-""

School was fine yesterday. I hate the new schedule though D: Like, who put Econs as the first subject?! We need sleeping time after assembly la please! grrr. They're having this campaign where everyone can't use plastic for food. So instead, we get paper plates, bowls and small paper thingy for others. Which is what Usj 13 been doing actually .___. but this is a campaign, so it will only last for 2 weeks I think. Save the world pffts

My heart went out of my chest when I saw this last night. OHMYGODDDDioahdgtjknur!! WOW. Speechless. I need to save money asap! WAAAAAAAA~ But then I just found out that my mom makes like 2k per day - clap people, clap(A)-- SO I just found my sponsor! ^^V
It's just that she don't know it yet HAHAHA

Downloading Shinee's album naoooo. It took like, 2 mins to download a 10MB file :O! I was like; "WHY SO FASSTTT ONEEE?!!"

This song is vair addictive(!!)
I'm still kinda mad at their stylists though GRR (because of obvious reasons)

but hell, they are super duper friggin ahmazing!
Like, I actually spaced out the first time watching this mv. Thinking about the other lucifers I know LOL as in Joon ji hoon (from Ma wang) && Patch (hush, hush) and they're deffo hotter but shinee is like, the SEXIEST esp jonghyun♥ hihi

And to Jo yen & dazzlyn; if you're reading, TEAM EDWARD can beat TEAM BOSCO & TEAM JACOB in 2 minutes lah, don't faint okayy


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