Friday, July 16

Do what you wanna do

I died without internet. As in I've been sleeping in my free time :D such a pig. Latih Tubi week is overhhhh! so happy :'D It wasn't all that bad though since we can sleep in class everyday for at least half an hour or something :DD If we're not sleeping, then we were most probably talking or singing or dancing of some sort HAHAHA

But I was super sleepy in school because I cannot sleep at nights. sometimes. Like, last last night. It was shooo cold! So I looked for my good pj bottoms but then I remembered washing all my pj bottoms even my monkey oneee -.-"" SMART. The other long pants I have are my jeans which are not advisable for sleeping. So I HAD to sleep in my track bottom HAHAHA. Paining weiyh. I'm sure there were like, small wood thingy sticking out of it LOL Fell asleep at like 12++. I don't like.

That's why my panda eyes are level 3 naooo. GRRR.
Soo school was funnn :) I'd rather have latih tubi everyday than study mannnn. Srsly. The only thing I hate is that we had recess like 30 mins later than usual =.= Hungry lah! hahaha

You should, they're young. HAHAHA omg sounds wrong! XD Teen Top is shooo hot! I WANT CAP. He's the oldest, like 18 years old. And the youngest being 15. They're like the mini 2PM! Can't wait for MB stage! WATCH MEH :D

PS; The title is from ZE:A's new song. The rap part, where he went "Do what you wanna do, I'm telling you" WHICH sounds like
"Do what you wanna do, I'd do you" HAHA srsly! I was like *gasp* omgomg come lahhhh! HAHA hamsap! XD

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